About Us

Keith & Associates offers practical and proven business guidance to help clients define and achieve success. We work closely with management to help clients gain clarity about what success means for them. Whether it’s attracting more funding or developing a winning strategy, Keith & Associates helps you prioritize your next steps and focus on key success factors.

Corey Keith.Leading the organization is Corey Keith, a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience working with thousands of companies from start ups to multinationals. Much of his time was spent helping these companies—from a broad cross-section of industries—achieve success. Corey is well known for clarifying complex situations, building lasting long-term relationships, and using his excellent communication skills to develop and promote the organizations he works with. He is adept at helping his clients focus on strategic outcomes and positioning themselves to acquire the capital needed to be successful.

Several experts and key players in the business world also support Keith & Associates. Our expertise includes law, accounting, banking, financing, venture capital, management consulting, product commercialization, economic development, manufacturing, marketing, franchising, engineering, government, and more.

Keith & Associates approaches its business relationships with a long-term view. Our many satisfied clients demonstrate the value of this. See our Case Studies and Testimonials to find out more.

You can count on Keith & Associates’ experience, easy-to-understand perspectives and personal approach to reduce your frustration, help you make better decisions, and save you time and money.