Case Studies

Success speaks for itself. Our case studies show how Keith & Associates brings value to its clients.

Obtaining Financing

Like many early-stage companies, our client needed financing to develop and market an exciting new product. Keith & Associates provided coaching and advice to help the company develop a corporate information package to effectively present itself to lenders. Once this was accomplished, our client successfully attracted over $800,000 dollars from three different lenders. Now that it has its much-needed capital, this young company is scaling up to meet market demand.

Strategic Focus

A retail and commercial supplier had excellent sales but low profitability. Employees were frustrated by a lack of direction and didn’t have a clear understanding of what was expected of them. What’s wrong with this picture? A lack of focus. Keith & Associates helped this company identify and develop its strategic priorities. By focusing on what was important, the company was able to properly align its staff to dramatically improve profitability.

Assessment of a Potential Business Acquisition

The CEO of a company was very interested in the possible acquisition of a U.S. based company. But, our client was finding it difficult to explain the potential benefits of the purchase to his Board of Directors. Keith & Associates was called in to assess the situation, lay out the options in easy-to-understand language, and develop a staged approach to the acquisition, including Go and No Go decision points along the way. The CEO was then able to easily get his Board on side and the company moved forward with the acquisition.

Delivering Seminars

Keith & Associates was asked to develop and deliver a seminar on the various sources of capital, and the pros and cons of each. A post-seminar survey showed that over 93% of the attendees felt the seminar had provided them with very valuable information. There were numerous positive comments about the presentation, including “Informative, great speaker – knew his topic very well.”


A client was negotiating a significant contract with a much larger company. We helped our client understand what the critical outcomes were for this negotiation. Then Keith & Associates showed the client how to discuss its needs with the much larger company in a way that led to mutual success. Approaching the discussions with a long-term view and in a collaborative way made it clear that our client’s requirements were reasonable and would not result in significant erosion of the larger company’s position.

A Roadmap to Success

An early-stage company had numerous exciting opportunities to consider. But, like most young enterprises, it had limited financial and management resources to pursue them all. Keith & Associates helped the company understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a SWOT analysis. Then we helped our client develop a prioritized roadmap to its goals. The results are in. Our client began focusing on key outcomes and in 2 months was able to complete a critical project that they had been working on for over a year. As a result, they increased profitability and laid the foundation for future successful projects.