"Keith and Associates undertook a value-added agricultural project for Smoky Economic Development. We were extremely impressed with their quality of work, their thoroughness, their commitment to the project, their professionalism and their continued follow-up. Keith and Associates exceeded our expectations and produced a high-quality product and they completed the project ahead of the projected completion date. We would definitely, without hesitation, recommend and engage Keith and Associates for other projects."

Dan Dibbelt, Executive Director at Peace Region Economic Development Alliance

"Honestly, I can’t say enough about the work you have done with me Corey! You helped create and accelerate actions that are taking the business from an idea to something real and tangible. There’s no stopping us now!"

Diane Patrick-McPhee, President, Future Skies Energy

"After hearing Corey speak at a seminar, he explained business principals and financial benchmarks in a very clear and concise manner. Corey had great insight and as a budding entrepreneur, he had what I was missing - years of experience working with many diverse businesses. Corey took the time to review, analyze and offer constructive criticism and encouragement. I would encourage others to seek out Corey's expertise regardless of how big or small your business is today. Thank you, Corey."

Candace Ippolito, CEO/Co-Owner SaskMade Marketplace

"Corey has provided leadership in many areas with a strong focus on strategy and executable solutions. I consulted to him at AVAC and sought his expertise and insights with respect to venture capital entities and the agriculture sector. He remains current, insightful and shares his information readily. His integrity and ethics make him a trusted partner to his clients."

Karen Coe, President/Founder, Coe & Company LLC

"Corey is a very credible, organized and well seasoned business executive. These skills coupled with a high level of integrity and strong work ethic makes it easy to recommend him."

Fred Estlin, Chair of the Board, AVNet Investor Network

"Corey Keith is without a doubt one of the best people I've ever worked with in my 18 years in the biotechnology industry. Corey is a clear communicator, believes in providing only the highest level of performance and quality work and his integrity is second to none. Corey's vast business experience can be enabling in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial settings and I highly recommend Corey for your next consulting project!"

Nancy Markley, President, Sleepsound Inc.

“I have had the great  pleasure of working with Corey over the past 4 years and it is an honor for me to provide this testimonial. Corey’s depth of knowledge and vast experience in the business world has been invaluable to us and his insights and strategic advice make him a highly valued member of our team. His dedication to his clients is unquestioned and he delivers first class results.  I have no hesitation in providing my highest possible recommendation for Corey.”

Gerald Third, Executive Director, Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

"If you're looking for a business coach who truly possesses deep experience, Corey should be at the top of your shortlist. This highly sought after business coach provides thoughtful and thorough consultations for his clients and delivers results. Hire Corey for great work from a great guy."

Warren Bergen, Vice President, Corporate Development, AVAC Ltd.

"Corey is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and professional in his work with clients. His attention to detail and ability to coach and mentor along the way is a true benefit to all that seek his guidance and expertise."

Jim Rose, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (Retired)

"Corey has always sought to make sure both sides had a positive outcome. It is not win - lose but win - win. His efforts at pulling together the best team and working collaboratively demonstrates skills with both people and business."

Mike Leslie, President, Nakodo Consulting

“Corey has considerable experience and expertise with commercial financing projects. He has the ability to determine just the right structure for each situation. Corey approaches each project with integrity, determination and open mindedness. I believe one of his greatest strengths is treating everyone with respect, regardless of the situation. His attention to detail and quality never wavers.”

Lonnie Benson, President – Elbee Credit Consulting Inc.

"Corey has provided me with mentorship and advice on how to conduct business over the past years and is an extraordinarily knowledgeable businessman. The guidance he has provided has helped me immeasurably."

Tim Coli, SCADA Network Engineer

"Corey is diligent and timely with contracts. He is conscious of quality and delivers it."

Dr. Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Center

"It is a great pleasure to write a recommendation for a professional like Corey!  I had the good fortune to start working with Corey very early in our decision making process of how to take our business to the 'next level' and examine all the critical considerations that growth would entail. With Corey's help and guidance over the past six months, we have been able to make big decisions with confidence. His business coaching and ability to relate so well with his clients has been a great benefit to Tho'z Barz, to me personally and of course, as an entrepreneur! I expect to enjoy a long-term coaching program with Corey so I can continue to focus and stay on track with my business. I recommend Corey to any business that may be looking for a great business coach with a very broad scope of skills and knowledge to bring improved perspective to your goals and to the action plan you need to achieve them."

Darlaine Leslie, Founder & C.E.O, Tho'z Barz

“Your presentation provided an immediately useful guide to how each of the various sources of capital can fit the strategic needs of an entrepreneur at the several stages of development, from pre-commercial to mature business.”

Ed Wilson, Director, BC Inventors Society

“I have been fortunate to work with Corey on several occasions and I have always enjoyed working with him. Corey is a strategic thinker and a problem solver, his attention to details and his ability to ask the right questions enables him to formulate logical and innovative solutions to any business situation he deals with on behalf of his clients. I look forward to working with Corey again in the future and I would highly recommend his services.”

Wahid Kandil, General Manager, Prairie Halal Meats

"Corey brings a wealth of knowledge from the business and financial arenas. Working with Corey from project concept to final output provided great results. He was able to make the big picture strategy make sense and connect the individual business needs to the coaching provided."

Margurite Thiessen, Value Chain Specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

“Corey and I have crossed career paths several times and I always enjoy working with him because he is an individual with a remarkable balance of professionalism and friendliness. His approach to all situations and business management in particular is practical and down to earth. He is very collaborative and always approachable and open to new ideas, yet very decisive when a clear direction or recommendation is required. Based on his experience, skills and intellect I would describe Corey has having a great deal of business acumen and believe that any company seeking higher performance and profits would be well served by having Corey working with their management team. He has my unqualified recommendation.”

Earl Smith, President, Wheatstone Consulting Inc.

"Mr. Keith has worked with many entrepreneurial companies and has a sound understanding of what it takes to manage them to success. His background in finance gives him a unique perspective and his positive attitude and leadership capabilities make him an asset to anyone with whom he works."

Gordon Tallman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Royal Bank, Prairies (Retired)

“All the times I have been fortunate enough to work with Corey and his team on various projects have been great learning experiences for me. Corey knows the right questions to ask and, more importantly, the strategies to be considered when formulating logical and realistic answers. I would strongly recommend Corey's services to any company looking to ascend to their next level of success.”

Cory Rybuck, former General Manager, Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta

“I have enjoyed working with Corey on numerous projects. He has an ability to convey effective strategic financial planning and business development ideas in a straight forward easy to implement manner. Corey always considers the big picture and looks for solutions that will work over the long term.”

 Jim Helmkay, CGA, Lending Manager - Calgary Region, AFSC

“We highly recommend Corey's services. He helped guide us through the process of making a decision to purchase a business and also helped us determine the value of a business to sell. I can't imagine going through this process without Corey's expertise and personal interest in our making a wise decision.”

Jeff Cummings, President, Tizo Graphic Design

“Corey is the go-to guy for business strategy and business management advice in the Alberta agri-business sector. Our firm, Trimark Engineering, has worked with Corey on a number of projects. He is both knowledgeable and innovative in his approach to problem solving. He is valued member of the team.”

K.B. Takeda, President, Trimark Engineering

“Mr. Keith was hired by webstart.ca as a business operations financial strategist. During his evaluation of webstart’s business practices, Mr. Keith pin-pointed several areas of untapped financial opportunity and made detailed recommendations to capitalize on them. I am very happy to say that Mr. Keith's work has directly resulted in an increased cash-flow, greater profit, and new product innovation.”

 Nick Rowe, President, Webstart

“I have had the pleasure of working with Corey in three different avenues. Initially through a consortium of professionals where Corey guided us and brought his incredible business sense. Secondly we enjoyed servicing Corey's various web site and marketing needs as a client of Prairie Sun Creations Inc. Lastly, as a business and financial consultant working for Prairie Sun. I hold Corey in the highest esteem for his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and his ability to explain financial information in a way that I understood. I highly recommend Corey to any company who needs business and/or financial guidance.”

Sue Methuen, President, Prairie Sun Creations

"Corey Keith really helped shine a light on the parts of my business that I needed to focus on. His depth of knowledge and experience in business made it possible for him to explain complex business concepts in ways that I could understand. Most important, Corey explained things in ways that made me want to take immediate action. And, guess what? I did!"

Sheelagh Matthews, Creative Person in Charge, The Idea Garden

"Mr. Keith is very knowledgeable about the financing options available to companies. I appreciate his direct, honest approach in dealing with both people and issues. Mr. Keith is an excellent public speaker and has the ability to explain complex matters in an easily understandable way."

Joyce Lencucha – President of Lencucha Consulting

"Workshops conducted by Mr. Keith are high performance coaching sessions. He is an excellent instructor, well prepared, professional and relevant."

Lynn Stegman – Branch Head, Processing Industry Business Development Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

"If Mr. Keith is considering working with your firm, you will be fortunate indeed. I can assure you his work will be done correctly, completely, and with integrity."

Tim Ryan – President, Fore-Sight Investment Corp.

"Keith & Associates provided excellent strategic advice and business coaching that helped us focus and prioritize our efforts. I highly recommend them!"

Scott Berry – Vice President, Berry Flooring Ltd.

"It was a great pleasure working with Mr. Keith. I always found him to be very professional and his knowledge of the challenges of starting and running a business is extensive. Mr. Keith is an excellent communicator who ensures he meets any commitments he makes."

Guillermo von Bassenheim – President, Alheim Corporation

"Keith & Associates is a very professional firm who provided us with expertise in exactly the areas we needed it. Mr. Keith’s firm commitment and sincere effort acting as a mentor and a leader has enabled me to chart a clear course for my business and achieve success. His knowledge, skills, guidance and friendship have been invaluable in my journey in the business world. It has truly been my pleasure to know and work with him."

Gulzar Lalany – President, Lalany’s International Meals Inc.

“Corey has been an important part of our team for over 4 years and his insights and excellent business sense have been significant contributors to our team’s success. He understands how the government works and uses that knowledge together with his many years of  business experience to help us provide outstanding service to the companies we work with. I highly recommend him!”

Kathy Lowther, Team Lead, Specialty Cosmetic Ingredients Initiative, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development